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Nov 12, 2012 7:00am PST
in the explosion. the u.s. will be energy independent 10 years after that according to a new report from national energy agency. america's rise to the top is credited with recent resurgence and gas and oil production. also that the new vehicles are much more fuel-efficient. >> over a hundred thousand people in york and new jersey still have no power. it has been over two weeks since hurricane city ripped of the east coast. they're waiting for the power to come back on. more than 8 million customers ephors lost power after sandy and that was made worse by the nor'easter. the victims are getting a helping hand and hot meals from those who survived hurricane katrina. a team from a caesarean is in new orleans travel all the way to s.i.. they said the bay got caught with hurricane country and now it is time for them to repay the favor. they sir john ladd to the victims as well as the first responders of the storm. this looks like the most traveled spot. we're looking at light traffic on monday the observance of veterans day. we'll leave back with any hot spots need to steer around. >> li
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am PST
pharmacy. >> everyone is drinking energy drinks and the fda is confirming reports that another one of decaffeinated drinks five our energy may be involved with a number of deaths. in this case 13 best in the past four years. forcing if there is a link to the five hour energy. >> they are investigating five death that could be related to the monster drink. the highly complicacaptivated beverages are becoming increasingly more popular. we will take a quick break the time is 74 it woula.m.7:41 am.. erica will bring down the wet weather that is in store for tonight and on into the weekend. we will be back in just a minute. 744 a in the kron 4 morning news we are tracking a number of hot spots in the east bay. interstate 880. a rough ride a motorcycle crash in albany westbound at gilman. a 38 to two-- accident that was cleared long ago has left residual slowing here. we still have delays through hayward and the southbound direction. although things have improved slightly since the accident at willful was cleared. there is a little more slowing on the san mateo bridge. drive time to clim
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
are going to be an exporter of oil by 2035. there is an energy renaissance with more self sufficiency and bioenergy the fuel efficiency. the fuel efficiency. and i like this story there is no negative impact on this story it is something to look forward to. that could be a silent legacy. he has been pro what'll transport president. >> and if we all purchase a tesla. >> this is a bit more flashy. my car has a bumper that is falling off. and motor trend to close to tesla the model s it is the first time that a non combustion in june a 63 year old tradition. and it is a pivotal transition change. however, because this is electric. even beating out bmw, for diffusion. and it beat all the cars it is impressive and the even ford fusion was beaten out there ahand perhaps this should speak to its reliability? >> however it is still a bit of non-reportable a 50- $100,000. >> improving housing. and not-affordable--of that tussle however, with value on the homes the 0 car is tesla. positive home values showing home depot increases for improvements. >> how about apple. and i feel that
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
president said about a clean energy job in the future you know that has been a priority for me and i want to i look for to working on those issues as we go for. so it is about again a healthy fare economy healthy people healthy planet healthy politics. you cannot separate the policy from the politics if you want good walter reuther said it cannot separate the breadbox from the ballot box. if we want the right policies for america's working families you must up politics that are fair and enable people to share those values to be elected. so in order to reignite the american dream that is what we are about, to the ladders of opportunity for those who want to work hard play by the rules, take responsibility, have those letters have died with small business and not for new ship. a strong a thriving middle-class we have work to do. i had made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the house democratic leader. (cheers and applause) >> if there is the announcement from nancy pelosi should like to remind the house leader and she will be at a crucial part of the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4